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The Journey with Blue shares how Altricia Cook, teen mom, and millennial entrepreneur, got her inspiration to start swimsuit company, Allusions by A.Lekay.
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The Journey with Altricia: From Teenage Mom to Girl Boss

Altricia is the true definition of a girl boss..fearless, empowering others and not taking no for an answer. I had the pleasure of meeting Altricia a couple of years ago at a conference in Atlanta and I absolutely loved her energy and we’ve been encouraging each other along the ‘Journey’ ever since.

As a teenage mother, Altricia wasn’t the most confident on spring break and vacations with friends after the birth of her son. Unlike most 20 year old girls, she wasn’t the most comfortable in a two piece. As she was preparing for a girls’ trip, this time around, Altricia was determined to find a two piece that would work for her body and cover her “abdominal imperfections”. After not finding anything that worked, Altricia took matters into her own hands. A couple of  sketches and alterations later, Altricia brought her ideal swimsuit to life and she was ready for her trip. After posting her swimsuit pictures on social media, Altricia soon realized there were other women that loved her high waisted swimsuit, from that she knew she had a business and Allusions by A.Lekay was born.

With no formal education in fashion, Allusions by A.Lekay allowed Altricia to merge her love for fashion and her passion to help others.

Altricia has been fortunate to share her story and encourage other teenage mothers. She admits that being a teenage is definitlely not good but it’s not the end of the world. She wants young mothers to know that now more than ever, that as a mother she has to remember why she has to keep moving forward, be resilient and bounce back because it’s no longer about her but it’s about her child. We all go through different circumstances in life but that doesn’t have to dictate where you are going.

I feel like every time I go on Instagram, I’m just more amazed by the features and platforms Altricia has been able to tell her story on.  If you take a look at Altrichia’s portfolio you will soon realize she is a PR powerhouse. Her swimsuits have been worn by Nikki Minaj on the cover of Cosmopolitan, she has been on The Steve Harvey Show, The Real and so much more. Altricia acknowledges, “Yeah, I’ve had milestones but I’m on to the next…I’m not stopping there.”  And even though Altricia shares the hustle, blood, sweat and tears it takes to make this happen, I don’t doubt bigger and better is yet to come for her.

So remember, everything is a process and if you really believe in what you’re doing, then trust your ‘Journey’.

Key takeaways:

  • Whatever your life circumstances, that doesn’t have to determine where you’re going
  • Be Resilient, Move Forward and Bounce Back
  • Remember everything is a process and trust your ‘Journey’

Yes, I’ve had milestones but I’m always on to the next, I’m not stopping there