About The Journey With Blue: Encouragement for the Millennial Entrepreneur
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As I think back to almost three years ago, as I was riding back downtown, passing Penn Station, it started to hit me that the last year and a half had literally been the craziest 18 months of my life. Here I was in New York for two weeks, going to Fashion Week, with backstage access to shows and learning about the industry first hand… all because, I was crazy enough to think that I could start a business, just two weeks after graduating college. Looking out through the station, all of a sudden, I sat in awe with tears creeping up, realizing that this was my life and most importantly I was thankful that I was in a position where I was able to do what I love and go for my dreams. I knew I had a story to tell and I knew that I wanted to tell the whole truth. Yes, the experiences of New York Fashion Week, traveling and photo shoots were real but so were the struggles of being broke and the frustrations of trying to figure out how to grow a business. I knew I had to share the craziness of my life…of this entrepreneurial journey, not the glamorized version but the things that couldn’t be posted to my timeline.  My hope was to share the sacrifices, the tears, the joy and the passion driving it all.


Over the last three years, I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people along the way. People who too, weren’t taking any excuses and dared to go for their dreams. So many times we only learn about their stories after the fame and fortune but I’ve fallen in love with ‘The Journey’.
So, for the fellow entrepreneur, hopeful entrepreneur or those that think entrepreneurs possess some special magic within, I’m giving you the real look at, the how, the lessons, the failures, the strategy and encouraging you along the way.

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