The Journey With Blue: Encouragement for the Millennial Entrepreneur
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The Journey With Britt

I met Britt almost two years ago when she first had the idea for Whitby and all she had were sketches to show. It was an instant connection with me starting Bené, a luxury collection of scarves committed to girl’s education and Britt’s idea to start a socially conscious luxury handbag line that supports girls education in Haiti, Peru Iraq and Thailand to help prevent them from being sold in sex trafficking. Whitby’s tagline is ‘Carry Justice.’ The idea is that women who have never had to experience tragedies such as modern slavery, human trafficking, or child marriage, can carry the weight for these girls and boys, so they never have to.

So for the fellow entrepreneur, hopeful entrepreneur, or those that think entrepreneurs possess some special magic within, I’m giving you the real look at the how, the lessons, the failures, the strategy and encouraging you along the way.”

The Journey With Nick

I met Nick several months ago when he spoke at the Center for Civic Innovation in Atlanta and I knew I had to track him down. I didn’t have his email but after scouring through LinkedIn and using Mail Hunter (life hack) to get his contact me made our talk happen. For years I saw King of Pops everywhere from on campus in Athens to the streets of Atlanta, so I figured they had to be doing something right and I wanted to know what was really making King of Pops POP.

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The Journey With Rennie

If anyone knows anything about the University of Georgia, you know that the SEC is a big deal and we take football very seriously. When I met Rennie he was the starting linebacker for UGA and he was becoming a household name, being featured on billboards and regular appearances on ESPN. But of course Rennie’s ‘Journey’ didn’t start there. Born to Liberian immigrants, Rennie knew he had the responsibility to fulfill the dream his parents had sacrificed so much for. So when the opportunity to enter the draft came, he decided to take it. Rennie had prepared for this moment his entire life.